Gosh, it's been four years already? Time surely flies when you're not paying attention. I had no intention to neglect this poor journal, but life itself is too much to handle sometimes and all my dreams to write slowly dissipated.

Now that I have all the time in the world to myself, I have decided that maybe, maybe I can try again. Every writer must start somewhere. I am still the same lost kid, except that now I have a degree. A pretty useless one, to be quite honest.

I have never had any other thing in mind than to write. I pretty much have no idea what I want to do for life. I have lost many years. If not now, when will I ever start chasing the only thing that I might be passionate in?

It's ridiculous how positive, how my old self seems to live with no regrets. I scrolled down, back to my earliest entries and it surely woke up a lot of bittersweet memories.

So, here I am, the me who is determined to start over. May the universe be nice to me. And you. Ans everyone.

Don't Close the Door
Title: Don't Close the Door
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kris / Chanyeol
Length: 3,386 words
Kris believes that the only way to survive his entire life is by following that one rule he made by and for himself: never ever close the door.

Not even a minute later, Kris can hear the sound of water, urine to be exact, flowing out like Niagara Falls.Collapse )

Title: Inaudible
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Baekhyun / Chanyeol
Length: Oneshot (2,393 words)
Baekhyun, saxophone, and his unexpected creepy loyal biggest fan.

Baekhyun-sshi, who is the most important person behind your success?Collapse )

Deck and Dock

Title: Deck and Dock
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sehun / Luhan
Summary: The land isn't as bad as Luhan thought it would be. Except for the height.

Born in a family of a sailor, Luhan had no single fear of the oceans.Collapse )

Still Alive.
Hi everyone. I'm back.

So... after missing in action for about one ridiculous year, here I am; alive and well... not so healthy I think, but I don't even care hahaha. Anyway, I barely post anything in the past two years. I even only made one entry last year ... Since today on, I'm going to write more. Mostly fanfiction, I guess. Talking about fanfiction, I have my own account in Asianfanfics. hardcorefan is my username, if anyone wants to check it out.

Anyway, I think I underwent many changes.

First, EXO ruins my life. At first I wasn't interested at all seeing all those ridiculously many teasers. I really liked 'What is Love' though, but I have no interest to know more about them. The only member I knew was Kai. Back then, I chose B.A.P over EXO (you know... many people often compare those two groups).

But then...

History was released. And that guy in a bondage-style black shirt or whatever was seriously stealing my attention. Only then I knew that it was Luhan. And voila, I downloaded all those 23 teasers and learned about the members and...


/infinite keyboard smashing/

And you know what, it's kinda impossible to only have ONE BIAS in EXO, or even to have only one bias in EXO-K and one in EXO-M. I always say that my ultimate bias is our real-life-Benjamin-Button Luhan, but then this effin' sexy motherf*cker with a scorpion tattoo called Kris or Wu Yifan or Kevin Li or Kevin Wu or Li Jiaheng or whatever the f*ck his name is came and ruined everything, followed by the leader of derp squad in EXO, the creepy-derpy-sexy-reversal-voiced-happy-virus Chanyeol.

And then there's Kai a.k.a Jongin a.k.a Taemin in disguise whom I actually hate when he's trying to look all sexy but I really love when he's showing his true colors. Come up next was the big-eyed-cooking-mother-earth Kyungsoo the blank, also known as the 'jeongmal' D.O (I called him so since he often says 'jeongmal' maaaany times in one sentence lol).

And then I started shipping Hunhan. And Kaisoo. And Krisyeol. And Taoris.
Sometimes Baekyeol too. Even now Kray. Layhan.

My tumblr is flooded with their perfection.

I even had changed my journal's title into Holy Krisus!

I regret nothing, though. Life after EXO is great.

Okay... enough with the spazzing (cuz it won't stop if I don't stop it now).

Next thing is... my personal troublesome life that you can just skip.

ignore thisCollapse )

(no subject)
This is too precious to ignore.

I ship this couple.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It's been months, no.
Years, no.
Centuries, yes.

It's been CENTURIES since my last post!!!

I've neglected this journal for too long, so I decided to write something.

Recently, I've been busy (well, not that busy actually) with my study, Next year, in early May, I'm gonna face the national exams~ Then I'm sure I'm gonna be even busier after that since I have to prepare for my enrollment to college!

Woohoo~ I'm gonna be a college student soon!!!

I've decided to choose Accounting as my major. Well, it's not my favorite though, but I'm good at it. And~ I think this major could lead me to a big amount of money LOL

What else?

Oh, it's holiday!
Time for me to download all those animes~
Hahahaha XD

Aaaaanyway, there are lots of things happened this year.

SHINee came to my country.
Jay Park came to my country.
Damn it. 

But I wasn't so down since Jay has promised us to come back here next year. HAHA.

And... about SHINee...
I dunno...


See? Things I write are always POINTLESS.


Since 2011's coming closer, I'm gonna write down some wishes then~


2. Be accepted in college ---> honestly I'm still thinking and craving for scholarships in Japan or South Korea, but... well~ dreams are dreams T.T aaaanyway, if you have any infos, TELL ME. PLEASE. I BEG YOU.

3. Grow taller ---> THIS is the thing that I haven't achieved since last year. Well, I think I grew about 1 cm actually O.o

4. Master Korean ---> at least I wish I could find a place to learn it formally. I find it difficult to learn it by myself T.T

5. Have my own income ---> so I could spend it freely for my pleasure HAHA


I can't imagine it...
I'm going 17 next year.
Gonna have my own resident ID.
Gonna have my own driving license.

Hahahaha~ I expect too much.

Let's end this.

See you later~

As Ryan Higa said, "LESS THAN THREE"


Writer's Block: Cover me
Which songs have been covered better by artists who didn't originally sing them?

B.O.B ft. Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You 

This song was covered by the phenomenal Jay Park and trust me, this sounds GREAT

Writer's Block: Water View
If you had a waterproof camera, what are the top five things you would want to photograph? Let your imagination run wild. Sony is giving away a Cyber-shot TX5 to the user who comes up with the most creative suggestions!

Hmm.. Let me imagine it..

1. I would want to take a picture of a huge shark's mouth, I mean, the inner part. I would dive to the deep and bring a long iron pipe. When the huge shark came, I would put the pipe vertically between its upper and lower jaws, so it couldn't close its mouth. Then I would let my body in to the shark's mouth and I would take a picture that would look like we're trying to get out from it's mouth. The picture would perfectly show the shark's sharp teeth and give us dreadful sensation. Woohoo~

2. I would take a picture of Nessie.  Who knows it would be an awesome boombastic news?

3. I would take a picture of a mermaid. Maybe I could meet Ariel dancing with her yellow chubby fellow friend Flounder. Teehee~

4. I would take a picture of myself swimming among a huge colony of jellyfishes. Just like Spongebob does, I love jellyfish ♥

5. Yes, I would take a million pictures with Spongebob Squarepants,  Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Eugene Krabs, Sheldon Plankton, Gary, Squidward Tentacles, EVERYONE IN BIKINI BOTTOM!

Don't blame me for my silly imagination. You're the one who told me to let it run WILD.

Passing By to Say...
Yo~ I'm just passing by to announce that I have another blog :)
But it doesn't contain any fangirling or otaku-ing stuffs (well, maybe it hasn't :P)

Just a click away to my blog

The most important is..

Happy birthday dear tasurima   ♥
Wish you a happy birthday :)


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