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Title: Inaudible
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Baekhyun / Chanyeol
Length: Oneshot (2,393 words)
Baekhyun, saxophone, and his unexpected creepy loyal biggest fan.

Byun Baekhyun sits uncomfortably on his seat since the recording has delayed for an hour already. He hates wasting his time like this. He would rather lock himself up in his studio and compose a new song than waiting for the show to start.

When the recording finally starts, he still feels uncomfortable. He has an appointment after this and he will be definitely late for it. He is not really paying attention to the whole show, but luckily he does right when the MC asks him a question.

“Baekhyun-sshi, who is the most important person behind your success? I heard it was the one who sent your demo tape to SM Entertainment.”

Baekhyun only smiles widely.


Byun Baekhyun has no idea what to do after graduating from high school. Unlike most of his friends, his family is unable to send him to college due to financial issue. Baekhyun doesn’t complain though. It’s not that he’s dying to have a degree or such. He isn’t and never was a studious person in the first place.

But then again, Baekhyun has no idea what to do with his life.

Unwilling to be a burden for his family, Baekhyun decides to move out from his small yet lovely house to live by his own. His family doesn’t object; they welcome the idea. At last, he packs up some clothes and other things he may need and leaves for Seoul. It’s not easy but that’s what he thinks the least he can do with his life.

Baekhyun, of course, doesn’t forget to bring along his saxophone. It’s his only best friend. Aside from playing saxophone, he has no confidence at anything, to be honest. This old saxophone has always been with him, in sickness and in health like a married couple. Baekhyun and his saxophone equal Einstein and his violin, inseparable.

He finally chooses. Byun Baekhyun will be a musician, no matter how.

For the first week, he literally is a homeless young man who sleeps on the street. For the first week, he relies on the remaining money left in his pocket. But on the second, he can’t even afford a cup of instant noodles. He needs money.

At day, he will go here and there looking for a job. But the world isn’t going easy on him. At night, he will be standing alone on an empty spot at the bank of Han River. Only him, his saxophone, and the river; they are making a harmony. Sometimes, Byun Baekhyun will let his tears flow along with the bittersweet melody he’s making.  

Sometimes, he questions what he is doing. Sometimes, he is sure about what he is doing. Sometimes, he just has no idea what he is doing. But at least, Byun Baekhyun is proud of the fact that he’s tough enough to adapt with this nomadic lifestyle.

Baekhyun’s only hope is his saxophone.

And so, he makes his way to the biggest park in Seoul. He has no idea if he is allowed to do so, but then again, he needs money more than anything right now. He has to make money before he dies of starvation.

Baekhyun honestly feels like puking. The radiating sunlight, the ocean of people in the weekend and an empty stomach are not the best combination. Plus, he is nervous.

He is now hiding from the sun, standing still like a statue under a big tree in the middle of the park with saxophone on his hand. He takes off his cap and put it upside down on the ground.

I better do this now or never.

The sound is noticeable enough for the whole park to be aware of his existence. He starts playing his old buddy. The sound from his saxophone comes out better than he thought actually. Baekhyun assumes that God pity him.

A bunch of people start growing a small crowd of audience around him. The rest only turns their head for a while and completely gives no damn about him or his saxophone after that. That’s normal.

Byun Baekhyun doesn’t pay attention to anything around him when he plays. He just focuses on his saxophone and plays with all his might and passion… and a bit hunger too. And everything comes out as perfection. Baekhyun is more than happy to be able to eat kimchi stew for dinner. Also, he’s planning to sleep on a net café, since the night wind is kind of torturing his body after a week.

Byun Baekhyun doesn’t pay attention to anything around him when he plays. That’s why he doesn’t realize that a tall boy always watches him from the outer layer of the crowd with a huge grin plastered on his face until the third time he performs. He isn’t sure whether the boy is overly happy or a creep; more like a creep though.

But somehow, his existence is like a vitamin for Byun Baekhyun.

Baekhyun has been a regular sight in that park since his ‘debut’ weeks ago. From the late afternoon until the sun sets, he has his ‘solo concert’ under the same tree, three times a week. On the rest of the week, Byun Baekhyun will be on a Chinese restaurant, mopping the floor, washing the dish and such. He is more than grateful that Yixing, the owner of the restaurant, lets him use the attic to stay in; no more living like a hobo for Byun Baekhyun.

And on those three days in a week, the tall creepy boy will always be presence. He will always stand at the outer layer of the crowd, but his height is just too noticeable to make him unnoticed. The boy will still be standing there even when the crowd has gone. Baekhyun has ever thought that this boy is a stalker. But he never follows Baekhyun around though.

Byun Baekhyun concludes that he just got a fan.

One day after performing, he notices that the boy doesn’t have his trademark grin on his face. He doesn’t know why but somehow he ends up reaching for the boy smiling gently and says hi to him. The boy possesses back his wide-as-hell grin that shows his perfect row of teeth.

Baekhyun has to admit that this boy indeed looks really good, even with that idiot grin on. But before Baekhyun even has the chance to ask his name, the boy runs away from the site, leaving Baekhyun dumbfounded.

What the heck?

However, for God’s sake, Byun Baekhyun swears that the boy is blushing.

Byun Baekhyun’s life has been much better now that it has been several months since he stepped out from his house. He kind of misses his family, but Baekhyun promises himself not to go home before he achieves success. He’s still living on the attic of Yixing’s restaurant, but he has been saving up to rent his own flat.

Baekhyun has had his first gig at a café in Hongdae. He collaborates with an indie jazz band that is interested on his saxophone performance. Meeting more and more musicians, Byun Baekhyun insists to make his own demo tape. Who knows where destiny will bring him anyway?

Sometimes, he will still perform at the park. The amazing thing is the tall boy who ran away from him that day still manages to attend every single performance he does, even though he no longer plays regularly on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday like before.

Byun Baekhyun can’t deny his interest on this person he considers as a loyal fan of his. So, today he wants to reach for the boy once again after his performance. But somehow, fate has chosen its own way.

The boy isn’t there.

For the first time in Baekhyun’s history, the boy doesn’t exist in front of his eyes. Baekhyun loses his mood for a gig in an instant. He feels like a planet without satellite; the boy isn’t around.

Where are you?

Baekhyun limply sits on a bench. He places his old saxophone on his lap, looking down, staring blankly at its no-longer-shining metal body. He remembers the first time he held this saxophone. It was ever once taller than him. This saxophone was once his dad’s but unfortunately he quitted playing. He doesn’t know why though.

My old friend is indeed really old, huh?

And today, for the first time ever, he loses his mood to play saxophone. Normally, saxophone will be the first thing he looks for every time something bothers his mind or every time he faces a hardship. Baekhyun himself doesn’t get why he acts like this today.

Is it because of the boy; the boy that Baekhyun doesn’t even know what his name is?

Suddenly, Baekhyun sees a pair of sneakers standing in front of him. To be precise, Baekhyun sees a tall person clumsily standing in front of him. Baekhyun almost breaks his old saxophone into pieces when he jumps out from his seat. But fortunately that boy’s hands quickly reaches for it.

“You… why aren’t you there? I was supposed to play here and you were supposed to watch!”

Baekhyun glares at him. He doesn’t even get why he gets mad at the innocent boy. He just lets out all the mixed feelings that suffocate him.

But the boy doesn’t seem to be angry. He is just staring back with a sign of guilt on reflected on his eyes. Then, he handed Baekhyun a big box wrapped with a musical notes patterned paper.

“Is this a gift… for me?” Baekhyun stares at the box in disbelief. He doesn’t expect to receive a gift. It’s not even his birthday!

Again, before Baekhyun even has the chance to thank him, the boy runs away. But this time, Baekhyun chases him, even though he is now holding a big box on his right arm and a saxophone on his left hand.

“Hey! Come back!”

Baekhyun yells at him between his breaths. He is never a good runner, but God seems to pity him now for the second time. He runs faster that he thought he would. He moves the saxophone to the right hand, so he can grab that boy’s bag or shirt or collar or whatever to stop him.

And so he does.

Baekhyun puts down the box and the saxophone. He takes a long deep breath to get back to his normal breathing state. They end up being in a quiet neighborhood two blocks away from the park.

The boy stops running after his black bag pack being grabbed by Baekhyun’s unexpectedly strong hand. The boy nearly trips on his back because of it. He seems to be tired too, but he refuses to lift his head and keeps his head down all the time.

“What’s your problem? Why do you keep running away from me?”

The boy remains silent.

“Hey, come on, answer me. What’s in this box, huh? Oh, and who are you?”

The boy still remains silent. Byun Baekhyun doesn’t always get mad, but when he does, he yells at everyone and everything. He yells at this boy and pushes his shoulders violently.

“What the fuck is wrong with you dude!? Answer me! Who the fuck are you!?”

The boy finally lifts his head. But instead of answering his questions, he took out a book and a pen from his bag and starts writing something.

I’m deaf.

The boy sheds a tear as he shows his messy handwriting to Baekhyun, who has his jaw dropped already. The boy opens a new page and writes another sentence while biting his lower lip to hold back his tears, which is a total failure.

I can’t hear anything you said but I know you’re mad. I’m really sorry.

The boy is now crying really hard like a little baby. The boy looks so fragile despite being way taller than Baekhyun is and having a rather muscular built. Baekhyun has never felt this guilty in his entire life, so guilty that he now hates himself for being such a rude person.

Baekhyun pulls the boy into his arms and hugs him tightly. He starts crying too; crying from all the guilt he feels and the shock he gets.

Byun Baekhyun’s number one fan is someone who has no single idea how his songs sound like. Byun Baekhyun’s number one fan doesn’t even know how a saxophone sounds like. Yet, Byun Baekhyun’s number one fan is always there, patiently waiting at the park, looking forward for his every performance… even though it’s in a mute mode.

Baekhyun releases the hug and wipes away his tears. He lifts the other boy’s chin and wipes the tears on his cheeks with both his thumbs. Baekhyun smiles gently just like the first time he did. And the boy finally gains back his grin.

Baekhyun now understands it; this boy is just purely happy to see him.

At that moment, Baekhyun completely falls for his number one fanboy.

The boy told Baekhyun not to open the gift until he’s home and he does. And as if there’s not enough surprise for him today, he screams right when he finally gets to see what’s inside the box.

A brand new gold plated Yamaha saxophone.

Silly boy…

Baekhyun takes it out from the box and gives it a try. It never sounds this good before.

It never feels this good before, either.

Baekhyun and the boy grow closer by the day. Baekhyun is now able to communicate better with him, without using a pen and paper. He slowly learns the sign language the boy uses. Baekhyun learns that the boy reads his lips movement to understand what he says. Baekhyun tries to do the same.

But he screws up.

He ends up kissing those plump, soft lips as the aftermath of staring at them for a long period of time. The boy is of course surprised.

Byun Baekhyun feels like the happiest man on earth when the boy starts kissing him back.

You don’t have to hear love. You just have to feel it.


“So, what’s his name, Baekhyun-sshi?”

The answer is obvious. It’s the love of his life, who is currently waiting for the candlelight dinner Baekhyun has promised yesterday. Byun Baekhyun grins widely, almost as wide as the grin permanently plastered on that boy’s face, before he answers.

“Park Chanyeol.”

What did I just write oh gosh this is crap, idek. I don't even ship Baekyeol but, yeah, this just has to be done lol
Now, let me jump off a building like dduizhang cliff.

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You don't ship BaekYeol. What.

Thank you ♥♥♥
I do love BaekYeol, they are asdfghjkl together but I ship KrisYeol.
So. Yeah.
/hides in the corner/

Oh, I see!

Yeah, you better hide. LOL. Kidding, kidding~

;A; this was so precious omg Baekhyun's really lucky to have such a fan + Baekhyun playing saxophone ;A; i'd like to see that xD

Thank you ;A;
IKR, Baekhyun plus saxophone would be unf


Thank you so much ♥♥♥

at the part when Chanyeol wrote about his condition~
i became teary too ~ oh my god *sobs*
and I can imagine Baekhyun is indeed that strong

*hands you a tissue*
Looks can be deceiving anyway haha

haha this is sweet!
love how chanyeol is deaf, totally wasn't expecting that!
and now I'm going to go play my saxophone :)

Thank you ♥♥♥
Wow, you really play saxophone? Awesome :D

i've been thinking about deaf chanyeol a long time ago and then this happens. Omg i feel like......i wanna jump out of the building with you ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; this is too sweet to be true ;;;;;;;;;;;; thanks for writing such an amazing story ;;;;;;;;; (you makes my imagination come true lol)

It's suuuuuuuper late you might not even remember ever reading this story but thank you <3

I like the writing style. Simple, yet brief.

And you do not ship CB, why? I mean I respect that, but why?

Wow, it's been years. I didn't expect anyone to find this story so thanks a lot <3

Back then, I honestly preferred Krisyeol but Kris left and ruined the picture lol.

Lately though, I find Chanbaek really cute, especially that one time during VApp broadcast where Baek was in a bathrobe and Chanyeol suddenly appeared and joined him in bed. I couldn't help but squealed!

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