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Still Alive.
Hi everyone. I'm back.

So... after missing in action for about one ridiculous year, here I am; alive and well... not so healthy I think, but I don't even care hahaha. Anyway, I barely post anything in the past two years. I even only made one entry last year ... Since today on, I'm going to write more. Mostly fanfiction, I guess. Talking about fanfiction, I have my own account in Asianfanfics. hardcorefan is my username, if anyone wants to check it out.

Anyway, I think I underwent many changes.

First, EXO ruins my life. At first I wasn't interested at all seeing all those ridiculously many teasers. I really liked 'What is Love' though, but I have no interest to know more about them. The only member I knew was Kai. Back then, I chose B.A.P over EXO (you know... many people often compare those two groups).

But then...

History was released. And that guy in a bondage-style black shirt or whatever was seriously stealing my attention. Only then I knew that it was Luhan. And voila, I downloaded all those 23 teasers and learned about the members and...


/infinite keyboard smashing/

And you know what, it's kinda impossible to only have ONE BIAS in EXO, or even to have only one bias in EXO-K and one in EXO-M. I always say that my ultimate bias is our real-life-Benjamin-Button Luhan, but then this effin' sexy motherf*cker with a scorpion tattoo called Kris or Wu Yifan or Kevin Li or Kevin Wu or Li Jiaheng or whatever the f*ck his name is came and ruined everything, followed by the leader of derp squad in EXO, the creepy-derpy-sexy-reversal-voiced-happy-virus Chanyeol.

And then there's Kai a.k.a Jongin a.k.a Taemin in disguise whom I actually hate when he's trying to look all sexy but I really love when he's showing his true colors. Come up next was the big-eyed-cooking-mother-earth Kyungsoo the blank, also known as the 'jeongmal' D.O (I called him so since he often says 'jeongmal' maaaany times in one sentence lol).

And then I started shipping Hunhan. And Kaisoo. And Krisyeol. And Taoris.
Sometimes Baekyeol too. Even now Kray. Layhan.

My tumblr is flooded with their perfection.

I even had changed my journal's title into Holy Krisus!

I regret nothing, though. Life after EXO is great.

Okay... enough with the spazzing (cuz it won't stop if I don't stop it now).

Next thing is... my personal troublesome life that you can just skip.

I seriously wanna quit my current college, guys. About two weeks ago, I resent an application for Monbukagakusho, a full scholarship given by the Japanese government FYI, after failing the first selection last year. I wanna try again. It isn't only because I promised myself to do so. I honestly try to find an escape from my current college, even my current life.

I have passed my sophomore year in college, majoring International Relations. And honestly, I'm not interested in that subject, or no longer have interests if I ever had any. I don't even know, or remember, why I chose International Relations.

The result is...

I have low GPA and I don't even give a damn about it.
I'm not socially active at the campus.
I join no organizations.
I don't mingle around.

The only thing I love from my campus was the free internet access LOL.

And honestly guys, I'm slowly turning into an anti-social. I know I always have this kind of social anxiety. Remember how hard it was for me to adapt in high school? But now, everything turns worse.

I hate being like this. It hurts. And make it worse, I have no solution.

That's probably one of the reason why I'm drowning in EXO's fandom LOL
They help me leave the reality.

I'll stop here.


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